Restaurants: How To Make Sure You Get the Cheapest Business Electricity

24 May 2017

Restaurants: How To Make Sure You Get the Cheapest Business Electricity

How do you feel every month when it comes time to pay your electricity bill? If you’re like most restaurant owners, you probably feel it requires more of your hard-earned money than is necessary – and you are probably right. There are things you can do to ensure you get the cheapest business electricity.

Make Sure You’re on the Best Tariff and Have the Best Possible Deal

You can start by looking at the tariff you’re currently on. Is this the best possible tariff available from your current electricity supplier? If you’re locked into a fixed term contract there might not be anything you can do about it until the term expires. If, however, you’re on a flexible or month-to-month contract, you should check if there are better options to suit the needs of your business.

You can also look at switching suppliers and taking out a new fixed-term contract. While fixed-term contracts mean you must to stay with the supplier for the agreed length of time, during that time you get two main benefits:

  • Generally lower prices for electricity
  • Fixed costs so you’re not affected by fluctuations in the market price

The best way to find a better deal than you currently have is to get quotes from as many electricity suppliers as possible and then compare what is being offered. Make sure when you do this you get quotes from both large and small suppliers. The actual electricity you use is the same whoever you get it from. Smaller suppliers, however, often offer lower rates because they have more streamlined business models.

Reduce the Electricity You Use

In some businesses, this is easier than others. Unfortunately, it is not all that easy in a restaurant. After all, it is probably not feasible to switch off the lights in a part of the dining room that is not currently being used. There are, however, some things you can do.

The first would be to switch to low-energy lighting, if you haven’t done so already. This can result in a visible reduction in the amount of electricity you use and the price you have to pay. You can also consider installing motion sensors to turn some lights on and off – this might work, for example, in storage areas or customer toilets. Timers might also help.

There will also be some savings you can make in regards to the electricity used by your equipment – IT equipment, for example, or kitchen appliances. The simple rule is to ensure they are turned off when not in use. A good example is when the restaurant is closed – all unnecessary equipment, such as office computers or extractor hoods in your kitchen, should be switched off.

Also, another thing you can look at is your refrigerators that are powered by electricity. Make sure they are used efficiently, i.e. they are not opened for any longer than is necessary. Also, check the seals on the doors to ensure cool air is not escaping.

One final tip you can implement is to discuss energy use with your team and encourage them to be as energy efficient as possible.

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