United Gas & Power invites you to join our many customers who are taking control of their energy usage and installing a FREE smart meter.  This latest technology will make it easy for you to take control of your billing since you can monitor the electricity you use and highlight areas where there is higher usage that can be curbed.  It will also help you monitor staff usage that might be wasteful. By reducing your costs in this way you could save on consumption by approximately 12.3%.

Installing a smart meter will give you total control over your electricity usage and bills. Because the smart meter is connected to your utility company and is designed to give a reading every half hour, you are assured of an accurate reading every time.  No longer will you have to put up with interim readings that are often totally wrong, leading to you facing high bills when it finally gets read every 3 to 6 months. Having a smart meter is also very convenient, you don't need to be home or in the office for the meter reader to come call, it is all done electronically.

Key features of a business smart meter:

  • Your business electricity usage is all recorded in real time
  • The readings are accurately recorded and collected remotely, you don’t need to take the readings and phone it through, it is all done via a mobile communication link.
  • Billing is accurate and any errors are eliminated.
  • All the guess work is removed and you can budget for your monthly payments in advance, and complaints about wrong billing is also eliminated
  • Estimated billing is now a thing of the past.
  • You can view your usage data online via the United Gas and Power Web Analyser Service.
  • United Gas & Power pays the monthly charges for the meter and we remain your registered energy supplier.

For more information about smart meters please feel free to consult with one of our professional agents who will gladly assist you with any problems that arise. 

This offer is subject to availability and is also covered by the standard terms and conditions related to installation and supply. This offer is only available through United Gas & Power and is subject to the contractual acceptance. This offer is limited to and restricted to sites that are non-domestic and that consume electricity for commercial purposes.

United Gas & Power will install your business smart meter free of charge, giving you total control of your electricity usage and billing. 

The installation will take place with your agreement, with a time scheduled that is convenient for you. Our installers are all specialists who are hand picked for their reliability, honesty and integrity.

At the time of installation please ask the installer who arrives to produce the correct identification. Once they have been verified you will then find that the whole process will be carried out with a minimum of disruption and be completely stress free.

You can also choose, at the time of installation, how you wish to have your electricity usage recorded. You can have it done every half hour or every hour. It can be daily, weekly or monthly - this will give you the level of control you need in order to reduce costs and also effect a reduction of your carbon footprint.

United Gas & Power will ensure that your billing is completely accurate, no longer will you have the stress of not knowing just how much your electricity bill will be at the end of the month. Instead you will be able to check on your usage regularly, identify any areas that have higher usage so you can look at how to cut back in those particular areas.  Let United Gas & Power help you to be in total control.

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